About Us

Holocaust Charity 

We are a UK based charity with a focus promoting learning and understanding of historical prejudice against Jews

International Communication

We stand with 25 nations and over 350 cities taking to the streets every year on Yom HaShoah

Global Movemant

Starting in 2007 in Germany this movement is now a global event taking place throughout the planet


We colaborate with many other christian and Jewish organisations to promote Holocaust education and action against antisemitism 

Speaking out

We speak out publicly on the streets to demonstrate that we will not remain silent when prejudice raises its head against jews. 

Fighting Fake News

We are involved in combating fake news involving Israel and jewish communities worldwide.   

Giving Survivors a voice

Teaching the younger Generation 

We invite first generation holocaust survivors to speak in our schools to show through history how easy it was for a normal society to succumb  to prejudice and racism culminating in the attempted annihilation of a whole people group  


  • The March of Life organized a vigil in Tübingen on Saturday afternoon to remember the more than 130 Israeli hostages held by Hamas. Around 200 people gathered at the Holzmarkt at 12:00 noon. Participants walked through the city center with posters...


March of Life
  • From February 10 to 12, the 9th March of Life Conference took place at the TOS Community and Conference Center in Tübingen, Germany. Under the title "Never Again - Now More Than Ever!" organizers and supporters from 24 nations came together to...


Solidarity Visit
  • Crisis Tells Whether our Friendship is Real! Jobst Bittner, founder and president of March of Life, is currently on a solidarity visit to Israel with his wife Charlotte. There, he met friends and many people affected by the vicious terrorist attack in Israel in 2023....

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